Meet Crash!

August 31, 2009



It is day two with our new puppy, Crash.  We made the drive up to get him in Red Bluff yesterday.  There was some whimpering and a lot of naps on the way home.  He is no fan of being by himself, but otherwise he seems to be settling in well.  James Brown is largely disinterested in Crash.  Crash, on the other hand, is fascinated with James’ tail – and biting it.  James is not thrilled about that game (as you can see in the video link below).

He is very curious and increasingly bold as he discovers his new home.  We have high hopes as he seems a very clever fellow who has a natural instinct to fetch and is content to sit serenely and observe his surroundings (that mode not featured in the video link).

There will be more photos and video to come.  We are excited to welcome Crash into our family and into our home!


2 Responses to “Meet Crash!”

  1. reynoldsl Says:

    so cute! could you just keep him small until i get there? ha ha ha.

  2. the dad Says:

    James meets Crash.. I think James will start finding places to hide once he figures out that his tail is going to remain a prime target for the foreseeable future… poor James. Crash looks like a happy little boy and doing all the things a Lab is supposed to do… chase, fetch, bite, bark and pee…. what more is there? Best of luck to all participants.

    the dad

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